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Details Influencer-The-Power-to-Change-Anything

Influencer The "New York Times" bestselling authors of "Crucial Conversation" illustrate what it takes to be an influencer--those who affect positive change in themselves and others. Unabridged. 8 CDs. Full description

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Details The-Bible-in-English-Its-History-and-Influence

The Bible in English: Its History and Influence

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Details Are-Animals-Subject-to-Spiritual-Influence

No Are Animals Subject to Spiritual Influence? Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Averroes-His-Life-Work-And-Influence-His-Life-Works-and-Influence-Great-Islamic-Writings

Averroes This text is an overview of Averroes's life and thoughts, covering everything from his role as Aristotelian thinker, to his position as the founding father of secular thought in Western Europe. Full description

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Details Under-the-Influence-of-Giants

UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF GIANTS Under The Influence Of Giants (2006 US 11-track CD album produced by former Blind Melon members Chris Thorne & Brad Smith includes the singles In The Clouds and Mamas Room housed in jewel case with the picturebooklet ...

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Details Corrupting-Influence

TRACK LISTING: 1. Sledgehammer 2. Insignificance 3. Down The Drain 4. Hold My Breath 5. Toxic Experiment 6. Lies Upon Lies 7. Grave Raiser 8. Sentenced For Life 9. Peace?! 10. Bad Blood 11. Corrupting Influence

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Details Influences

Physics Influences CD 1 - The Originals 01. Final Approach 3:37 02. Hold On Feat. Bianca Hutchinson 3:39 03. Holdin' On Feat. Daisy 5:41 04. Don't You Want Love 5:41 05. Estrelas 7:44 06. That's Saxism 4:00 07. Didn't I Let U Know Feat ...

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Details Words-That-Change-Minds-Mastering-the-Language-of-Influence


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Details Game-Theoretic-Models-of-the-Political-Influence-of-Interest-Groups

Game-Theoretic Models of the Political Influence of Interest Groups Provides an overview of the results obtained from empirical models of the political influence of interest groups. This book emphasises on the three game-theoretic model.

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Details INNOVATE-WITH-INFLUENCE-Tales-of-a-High-Tech-Intrapreneur

Innovate with Influence Innovate with Influence enters the mind of a high-tech inventor. Steve Todd epitomizes the word 'intrapreneur', and delivers his real-life experiences as a model for young innovators looking to thrive in a large corporation ...

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Details Violence-in-the-Media-and-Its-Influence-on-Criminal-Defense

Violence in the Media and Its Influence on Criminal Defense How much are todays youth actually influenced by violence in the media? People who would never dispute the positive influence of programs like "Sesame Street" are reluctant to acknowledge ...

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Details Influence-Without-Authority

Influence without Authority In organizations today, getting work done requires political and collaborative skills. That's why the first edition of this book sold over 70,000 copies and has been widely adopted as a guide for consultants, project ...

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Details Influencer-Marketing-Die-hohe-Kunst-der-Beeinflussung-von-Meinungsmachern

Die hohe Kunst der Beeinflussung von MeinungsmachernBroschiertes BuchDas Internet stellt Unternehmen vor ein Problem: Wie können sie externe Meinungsmacher für die eigenen Zwecke einspannen? Die Antwort lautet Influencer Marketing: Werbestrategen ...

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Details Home-Truths-about-Domestic-Violence-Feminist-Influences-on-Policy-and-Practice-A-Reader-Feminist-Influences-on-Policy-and-Practices-a-Reader

Home Truths about Domestic Violence This reader looks at the nature of domestic violence upon children, the effects it has upon children, the social policy and the feminist viewpoint, interventions with men, and current initiatives. Full description

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Details The-Remote-Influencer-2

The Remote Influencer 2 Remote Influencing is a branch of Remote Viewing. Remote Influencing (RI) is a powerful method of Healing, Manifesting, Personal development. RI has great potential as a tool to bring about positive changes to the world. RI ...

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Details Under-the-Influence

GENIUS & GZA / BRAND NUBIAN / CYMANDE / ISLEY BROTHERS Ian brown presents a cool collection of hip hop ,reggae,funk & soul. This compilation is bought together by ian brown himself and is a snapshot of his tastes, influences and most played tracks, superb!

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Details Gaining-Influence-in-Public-Relations-The-Role-of-Resistance-in-Practice-Leas-Communication-Series

Gaining Influence in Public Relations Explains how professionals can increase their influence in practice to help their organizations achieve success. This book explores the territories of power, resistance, and activism in public relations, arguing ...